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EarPeace HD | Ear Plugs

Ear protection you absolutely need at your next concert

Say goodbye to permanent ear damage and  ringing in your ear after your favourite set! EarPeace HD ear plugs are the leading ear protection company. They provide the best protection without sacrificing the quality of the sound.

The best earplugs for loud entertainment. Guaranteed.

  • High Fidelity Audio - Our proprietary attenuation filter technology delivers clear, crisp sound. HD includes Medium, High and Max protection filter sets so you're ready for any environment.
  • Comfort - You will forget you are wearing EarPeace. The dual flange design gently seals the ear with no hard edges. They use safe, soft, premium silicone that is hypoallergenic and reusable.
  • Discreet - EarPeace is virtually invisible. No one will know you are wearing hearing protection. The low profile design basically disappears in your ear.
  • Value - We use industry leading premium silicone. EarPease will not wear out or break. We include an ultra premium, milled aluminum case with two chambers so you always have your spare plug.
  • Trust - There is a reason bands like Metallica, brands like RedBull and festivals like Lollapalooza choose us. Zildjian cobrands their drummer ear plugs with EarPeace. Why? Our hearing protection is professional grade and we guarantee it 100%.

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