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festival camping checklist

Festival check list | 30 things you need !

March 08, 2018

Festival season is at hand and being prepared l is key! 


Here's a quick list we rounded up for you:

    1. Festival ticket (duh)
    2. A reusable water bottle, to fill up from the free taps on site
    3. Tent 
    4. Sleeping bag
    5. Roll mat
    6. Wellington boots or sturdy boots
    7. Toilet roll
    8. Hand sanitizer
    9. A sweater (it can get cold at night)
    10. Sunscreen lotion
    11. Raincoat or poncho (If rain is in the forecast)
    12. Toiletries
    13. Enough change of clothes in case you get wet
    14. First aid kit w/Ibuprofen, Imodium AD, bandaids for blisters, allergy meds, etc.
    15. Torch or head lamp
    16. ID
    17. Money/cards
    18. Hat
    19. Bags for dirty clothes and grabage
    20. Contraceptives 
    21. Mark valuables with house name and postcode so it can be posted back to you
    22. Ear plugs
    23. Wet ones to clean yourself a little
    24. Dry shampoo
    25. Tent marker (flag, balloons, lights, etc.)
    26. Lock for your tent
    27. Lockbox (to leave your keys and spare ones)
    28. External battery pack/ power bank
    29. Old phone you won’t mind losing
    30. And of course a practical Fanny pack

Want to add to this list? Leave it in the comment bellow!

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