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Definitive Guide For The Solo Female Traveller

Definitive Guide For The Solo Female Traveller

June 02, 2017

Travelling alone as a women doesn't have to be scary

While some will try to tell you that traveling the world alone is a dangerous thing to do as a woman, the truth is that there are many women who are going to amazing places as solo travellers. If you are a woman looking to travel solo, here are some important safety tips.

Do not let people sway your opinion

People will come up with many different reasons of why they think you shouldn't travel alone. Don’t fall in the trap of listening to people's insecurities. There are many wonderful adventures waiting to be had around the world. Make sure you do your homework on the countries you’re travelling to, here’s a nice 12 step checklist from wikihow on how to prepare for international travels.

Announce your itinerary

Let several of your close friends and family know your itinerary. Give them information about where you plan to stay and what you plan to do while on your solo vacation. Be careful, however, to not announce your whole itinerary on Facebook or other social media for fear of attracting the wrong type of attention (like your stalker ex boyfriend or ex girlfriend).

Take your (unlocked) phone with you

unlock your phone’s international and consider buying a temporary SIM card for the country you’re in. It will be a great way to call your hostel if you ever get lost or to keep in touch with friends you make along the way.

Take baby steps

While you may want to go on a cruise around the world someday, start out by taking baby steps. Consider taking your first solo trip to a destination near your home, and then expand your destinations from there. Doing this will give you a chance to find out if solo travel is right for you, and the steps that you need to take to protect yourself while having a great time.

Bring a positive attitude

One of the worse things that you can do is to fall to pieces when something goes wrong on your solo adventure. Remember to stay level headed, a few bumps on the road may happen and it will pass. Looking like you are ready to panic or crying in public will attract attention from people who may prey on the fact that you are scared. Make sure to always trust your instincts and fall back on your backup plan when necessary so that you keep yourself in a safe situation.

Pick your locations carefully

While you may feel that a trip to Venezuela or Honduras would be a grand adventure, start by visiting safer locations when you venture aboard. After you have visited Austria, Denmark and Iceland, then you may want to consider going to a country that statistics show is less safe.

Know local laws

Laws vary around the world, so make sure to know some of the rules before you travel to any foreign destination. Even if you do not agree with a law, respect it when you are in a foreign country as you are a guest. Check out this article on odd things that are illegal in Singapore If you find yourself in trouble, then make sure to contact country's embassy closest to where you are.

Protect yourself in hotels

While you want to be an open-minded traveler, it is still important to protect yourself when traveling solo. Always use a secondary portable lock to protect your hotel room when you are inside the room as this will keep others who may have the key from being able to unlock your hotel door easily. Furthermore, use a door jam to keep people from being able to break into your room.

Act like a local

Make the most of each new situation by acting like a local. Be extremely open about visiting with people living in the area. Avoid, however, telling them exactly where you are staying if they seem shady. Let your gut lead you on how much information you share with them. In return for your openness, they will give you wonderful advice about things to do and see that the average tourist never gets to experience.

Watch the amount of alcohol you consume

Be conscious of the amount of alcohol you consume while on vacation. Getting really drunk often results in people trying to take advantage of solo female travellers. Partying is only a small part of your adventure, so save your money and energy for exploring the country you’re in.

Protect yourself in public

Be aware of your surroundings when you go out in public. Try to carry your money in more than one place on your body. A day pack or even a hip pack are safer than purses. Avoid poorly lit areas at night. If you feel that someone is following you, then head inside the nearest business. Stay there until you feel that the threat has passed.

Dress appropriately

Different countries have differing levels of modesty. Therefore, make sure to do your research before you leave home. For example, in Iran it is against the law for women to not wear a headscarf, trousers or a floor length skirt and a long-sleeved tunic or coat. Not obeying these laws can get you arrested (yikes). Alternatively, there are destinations where women can wear anything they want including nudist beaches where they need to wear nothing at all. (woohoo!)

Travel during the day

It should be of no surprise that it’s more likely to run in bad situations at night then during the day. So if you’re moving from one location to another try to do it during the day. If it’s a very long journey use trusted travel companies and make sure to arrive at your destination during day time

The most important thing to understand is that solo travel isn’t scary or dangerous as long as you keep your head on your shoulders and prepare beforehand. Solo travel can actually be the best way to discover a country. You are flexible in making plans, it’s easier to meet people and make new friends.

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