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6 Reasons You Need A Fanny Pack In Your Life!

6 Reasons You Need A Fanny Pack In Your Life!

April 07, 2017

Don’t Ditch The Fanny Pack Yet! 

The Rock and a fanny pack

6 Reasons You Need A Fanny Pack In Your Life.

Do you sometimes feel like a dork wearing that fanny pack? Don’t be. You’re not alone. It happens to everyone. The usual fanny pack or hip pack sticks out like a sore thumb. Pack too much in it, and it feels like another belly around your hips!

But, don’t ditch the idea of a fanny pack just yet. With an innovative redesign, hip packs can become stylish travel accessories. And you have to admit, you need a hip pack in your life!

1) Easy Document Access At The Airport

Imagine our first scenario. You make it to the airport only a few minutes before boarding time. You don’t have time to spare. You want to be in and out of every airport line you need to go through, and make it just minutes before they call on all passengers to board the plane. Are you going to spend those precious few minutes going through a backpack-full of stuff or would you rather have everything within access using your waist pack?

We’d go with a waist bag any day. Security checks will go by like a breeze. You won’t have to empty all your pockets at every line – just unstrap your hip pack. Your passport and smartphone (with that precious e-ticket) fit.

2) Comfortable Hikes

Hikes become more comfortable too. Sure, a fanny pack can’t fit a coat, a tent, and the kitchen sink. But, do you really need them? For many short hikes and summit assaults, you’d just want to pack a power bar, and some essentials, like your keys and sunblock. Use a carabiner to latch your water bottle onto your hip pack’s strap.

And, there you go! Hike without the annoying backpack weight on your shoulders. You can move more freely. And, for tricky assaults, you’ve got full use of your hands.

3) More Spacious Pockets Than Short Shorts Pockets

When summer fashion for you means wearing your favorite shorts, don’t ruin your look by packing your pockets with anything bigger than spare change. That means you need a pack for your keys, phone and sunblock lotion. Solution? A hip hip pack so you won’t overpack your short shorts pockets.

4) Fix The One Sweatpants Flaw

Let’s go to everyone’s favorite: the sweatpants. Sweatpants are perfect. They’re comfortable, and you can wear them to practically anything. Morning jogs, dinner binges (the elastic waistband really helps), and afternoon trips to your favorite cafe… if we can wear them to office meetings, we would!

 Its one design flaw? Its pockets. They can’t keep anything in! Solution? A fanny pack.

5) Redesign Morning Jogs

Now, let’s go back to your morning jog. Whether you wear jogging outfits, sweatpants or short shorts to your jog, having anything in your pockets is uncomfortable. It makes you feel some alien pressure where your pockets bulge.

A fanny pack gets rid of that pressure. Morning jogs feel freer, and more fun!

6) Fix Beaches

We love the beach; and, hanging out at the beach is one of our favorite pastimes. Now if only bikinis and board shorts have pockets for essentials, like keys and money for lemonades and beers, it’ll be perfect!

Fanny packs fix beaches. Carry your keys and money for beverages and snacks. And if you must have some distractions to a perfect day, you can put in your phone too!

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